degree of approximation

degree of approximation
степень аппроксимации

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  • Approximation theory — In mathematics, approximation theory is concerned with how functions can best be approximated with simpler functions, and with quantitatively characterizing the errors introduced thereby. Note that what is meant by best and simpler will depend on …   Wikipedia

  • Degree-constrained spanning tree — In graph theory, a degree constrained spanning tree is a spanning tree where the maximum vertex degree is limited to a certain constant k. The degree constrained spanning tree problem is to determine whether a particular graph has such a spanning …   Wikipedia

  • Approximation theory/Proofs — Proof that an N th degree polynomial that gives rise to an error function that has N + 2 maxima, of alternating signs and equal magnitudes, is optimal in the sense of approximation theory. Such an optimal polynomial gives the minimum value, over… …   Wikipedia

  • Approximation — An approximation (represented by the symbol ≈) is an inexact representation of something that is still close enough to be useful. Although approximation is most often applied to numbers, it is also frequently applied to such things as… …   Wikipedia

  • approximation — approximative, adj. /euh prok seuh may sheuhn/, n. 1. a guess or estimate: Ninety three million miles is an approximation of the distance of the earth from the sun. 2. nearness in space, position, degree, or relation; proximity; closeness. 3.… …   Universalium

  • approximation — noun 1. an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth (Freq. 3) an estimate of what it would cost a rough idea how long it would take • Syn: ↑estimate, ↑estimation, ↑idea • Derivationally related forms: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • approximation — /əprɒksəˈmeɪʃən/ (say uhproksuh mayshuhn) noun 1. a drawing, moving, or advancing near in space, position, degree, or relation. 2. a result which is not exact, but is sufficiently so for a given purpose …  

  • Orders of approximation — In science, engineering, and other quantitative disciplines, orders of approximation refer to formal or informal terms for how precise an approximation is, and to indicate progressively more refined approximations: in increasing order of… …   Wikipedia

  • Diophantine approximation — In number theory, the field of Diophantine approximation, named after Diophantus of Alexandria, deals with the approximation of real numbers by rational numbers. The absolute value of the difference between the real number to be approximated and… …   Wikipedia

  • Heating degree day — United States Heating Degree Day map, 1961 1990 …   Wikipedia

  • Artin approximation theorem — In mathematics, the Artin approximation theorem is a fundamental result of Michael Artin in deformation theory which implies that formal power series with coefficients in a field k are well approximated by the algebraic functions on k .tatement… …   Wikipedia

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